Promotional new hot style customized size marble stone look sphere led light for outdoor

Model: A101S
Size: From 12cm to 100cm(Be allowed customized)
Color: 16 Colors Changing & customized color
Light Source: RGBW LED SMD5050
Material: LLDPE Plastic Material
Protection: IP68
Certification: CE RoHS UL
LED Lifespan(h): 50,000-80,000
Power: Solar energy, AC110-240V or rechargeable for option

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The LED Stone look lights ball sphere light

Description of product

In appearance
The stone look sphere LED lights are the luminous highlight of any garden or outdoor decoration. Whether alone or in combination with other light balls, the multiple sized sphere stone look LED lights are strong focus. During the daylight, as the plastic really likes the marble stone, it sets an eye-catching contrast in the garden with its plastic shell in granite, thus contributing to the overall beauty of the environment.

In function
Because of 16 free changing light panel, so at night, the inner light shines and the lamp transforms your garden into a mystical and romantic setting. The garden lamp has equipped with bright enough LED light, so there is no necessary to you to add extra light. Create magical moments with a collection of luminous stone globes that will enchant your guests.

Most important, Our stone look lights are equipped with solar panel, so there is no necessary to you to charge them everyday!

About installation
Despite the convincing stone look and large dimensions, the Lightcraft outdoor light is lightweight and installs in a snap: simply plant the accompanying pegs and the globe light can be easily pinned in the ground. It can also be easily set up on a patio or in a conservatory without soil. The plastic ball is water-proof and hardy, so you do not need to remove them in the case of rain, while watering the lawn or even in winter. Bring a new light experience to snow-covered grounds.

Low temperature
Due to its size, the globe lamp does not get too hot, even when used with conventional light bulbs. This means you can place it directly between plants without burning the leaves. Should you want to decoratively illuminate a garden or terrace, the sphere stone look LED lihgt from Colorfuldeco makes it easy. With its polished marble stone look, the bright stone is naturally suited as a decorative and lighting element in patio or gardens.

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At the same time, if you match with other hot and popular product, such as LED illuminated Swing and LED illuminated Seesaw, the patio or park will become more beautiful and attractive!

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