Popular outdoor indoor plastic glow LED bar stool furniture

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Popular outdoor indoor plastic glow LED bar stool furniture

These stools made by LLDPE a new material for products. It is very strong, Environmental friendly, resistance high and low temperature. Moden and fashion appearance with color changing LED Lighting. Removable battery and induction charge.

1. 16 RGB color changing controlled by 24 key infrared remote.
2. Not afraid of firelight & scratchs.
3. IP54 used indoor & outdoor, not aftraid sun or rain.
4. Both decorative & practical coexsit.
5. Different shapes available meet clients requirement.
6. 3 years warranty for shell, never out of style.
7. Easy to clean very light( a adult can move it).
8. Suit to many occasions, cordless & portable & rechargeable(Bar, nightclub, KTV, pub, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, garden, home, villa, wedding, party, events, decoration, wedding rental/hire etc..)

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