LED Hand Painted Balls

High-Quality PE material and long working time

Brightness Control and Speed Control

Outdoor and Indoor use. Includes Remote Control

4 main RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue and White)

Flash Modes: Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth

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LED Hand Painted Balls

The most important feature of LED hand painted balls are the customized paint and 16 colors solid optional or unlimited color. This colorful LED balls are suitable for outdoors, perfect for patio, weddings, inhibition, government project, home decoration and specialty parties,creating a very beautiful atmosphere and events.

We provided remote controler, so you may change the color conviniently. In addition controller compatiable with Andriod and IOS device, so you may use any phone to control it.

Meanwhile they are easy to transport and set up. It contains a lasting environmental protection and energy saving led lamp holder.

Product size: : 60 cm(Range of size in customized, such as 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, even 300cm)
Details: : 16 color solid optional or unlimited color with remote
controller(IR): : Yes
Material: : PE

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