Small LED illuminated column

Model: small LED illuminated column
Size: D10*15cm
Color: 16 Colors Changing & customizes color
Light Source: RGBW LED SMD5050
Material: LLDPE Plastic Material
Protection: IP44-IP65
Certification: CE RoHS UL
LED Lifespan(h): 50,000-80,000
Power: AC110-240V or rechangeable for option

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The detailed information about small LED illuminated column

Description of small LED illuminated column
Creates a real wow effect indoors and outdoors:small LED illuminated column with controllable LED lighting unit.Shines through 16 bright colours, colour changing and 4 flash modes. Control the options with the remote. Ideal for gatherings, parties and events, special occasions. Set in the middle of tables as a flower pot, if you use our small LED illuminated column together with LED illuminated swing and Seesaw , you will creat a very beautiful scene(Clickingt to get them!)

small LED illuminated column makes a bold statement. This illuminating column of light set to any one of it’s 16 colors does wonders to any evening setting. Simply position it in the corner of a deck or garden as an eye-catching feature. Position two on either side of a front door or entrance way to create a stunning visual look. Add one of the Lights Sphere lights to the top of the Pillar and you have an illuminated piece of art.

The Pillar is the same concept as all of the Colorfuldeco range so it is cordless and portable. This means you do not have to worry about fixed wiring or power leads. It’s light enough to carry allowing you to simply charge it up with it’s charger during the day (about 6 hours charging will give you 8-12 hours light) then take it out and position wherever you desire for the evening. Set it to whatever color you want (16 different colors) or leave it to slowly change color by itself.

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