Glow Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker

High-Quality PE material and can bear 300lbs weight.

Brightness Control and Speed Control

Outdoor and Indoor use. Includes Remote Control

4 main RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue and White)

Flash Modes: Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth

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Glow Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker

There are lots of Bluetooth speakers available. The Glow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker aims to be different by offering not only a sound system, but a colour changing light as well.

The Glow is a simple looking cube with a speaker on the front. Translucent white sides, and controls on the bottom along with the power in.

Although there are controls on the bottom you’ll mainly be using the included remote control. And via an app instead of a remote for when you take it somewhere.

The remote itself is simple in design and allows you to control the light and speaker separately. So you can listen to music without having the light on, alternatively you can have the light on without listening to music.

The remote gives you 5 different light





⑤In time with music

The music one was a bit hit and miss, with the light not always reacting to music. You can also select a specific colour, including white, meaning this is perfect as a bedside light with speaker.

Light level can be adjusted on the speaker, while bright enough to read in when in bed it’s not going to replace a dedicated lamp if you want to fill a room.

It’s got a 4400 mAh battery included giving you lots of playback time aware from a power socket and it’s IPX4 rated, giving it some resistance to water and dust and meaning it can be used outdoors as well as in, making for an interesting addition to any garden parties you might have.

The 3 W speaker gives you a surprisingly room filling volume and while the sound overall is good it lacks the bass expected for something of this size and price, there are better sounding speakers available for this price point, but none will light up your life like the Glow.

The Glow is a good for those looking for something a little more fun than the usual Bluetooth speakers.

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