Illuminated Christmas Tree

Color: 16 Colors Changing & customizes color
Light Source: RGBW LED SMD5050
Material: LLDPE Plastic Material
Protection: IP44-IP65
Certification: CE RoHS UL
LED Lifespan(h): 50,000-80,000
Power: AC110-240V or rechangeable for option

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The detailed information about Illuminated Christmas Tree

The data about Illuminated Christmas Tree
Model No. Specification Net Weight(*kg) CTN/CBM Light panel type/Light height
or namber/Capacity

A151 L23*W14*H45cm 1 L24*W15*H46cm/0.0166 light panel 120/6/1200mAh
A152 L36*W14*H65cm 2.5 L37*W15*H66cm/0.0366 light panel 120/12/1200mAh
A152A L50*W15*H84cm 2 L60*W16*H85cm/0.0816 light panel 120/12/1200mAh
A152B L65*W15*H110cm 3.5 L66*W16*H112cm/0.0127 light panel 120/24/4000mAh
A152C L28*W15*H50cm 0.7 L29*W16*H60cm/0.0278 light panel 120/12/1200mAh

Description of Illuminated Christmas Tree
The Illuminated Christmas trees are made of polyethelene, and are designed in decoration on floors, tables and shelves. Although the Illuminated Christmas trees are free standing, they are available for extra stability with an optional weighted steel base. Through the use of a remote control, these illuminated Christmas trees can progressively change through a sequence of 16 colors and be paused on any colour.
Available in 5 sizes:A151 (45 cm high), A152C (50 cm high) ,A152(65 cm high ) ,A152A(84 cm high) and A152B (110 cm high).
The tree is manufactured in a frosted white translucent polyethylene which allows the light to shine through and be easily kept clean. There is also an outdoor range of colored round Christmas tree shaped lights.

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