How LEDs Become Something that is Closely Related to Our Lives?

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LED development history

In 1927, the first person to investigate and theorise LED lighting was a Russian man Oleg Vladimirovich and have the work highlighting the effects and the theory behind LED lighting. The first LED was in a use case scenario. The use of the first LED was fibre optics in telecommunications.
Most importantly, onset light emitting diodes were the most-costlier one. It’s higher quality and cost has it be in professional environments and wasn’t actively available to the public.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. Electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons. It determine the energy required for electrons to cross the band gap of the semiconductor the color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photons).

Appearing as practical electronic components in 1962, the earliest LEDs emitted low-intensity infrared light. Infrared LEDs are used in remote-control circuits, such as those used with a wide variety of consumer electronics. The first visible-light LEDs were of low intensity and limited to red. Modern LEDs are available across the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths, with high light output.

LED advantages:

The LED is called the fourth generation of light source, because of featuring energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, miniature, shockproof, easy dimming, concentrated beam, easy maintenance.

High electro-optical conversion efficiency (close to 60%, green, long life (up to 100,000 hours).
Low operating voltage (about 3V).
Repeated switching and non-destructive life.
Small size, low heat, high brightness, sturdy and durable.
Easy to dim, colorful, stable beam, no delay at startup.

Led light source features

  1. Voltage: LED uses low-voltage power supply, between 6-24v, depending on the product. So it is a safer power supply than using high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places.
  2. Performance: 80% less energy consumption than incandescent lamps with the same efficacy
  3. Applicability: very small, each unit led small piece is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and is suitable for a variable environment
  1. Stability: 100,000 hours, light decay is the initial 50%
  2. Response time: the response time of the incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the led lamp is nanosecond.
  3. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury
  4. Color: changing the current can change color. The light-emitting diode can easily adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material through chemical modification method to realize multi-color luminescence of red, yellow, green and blue. If the red current is red, the led will turn orange, yellow, and finally green as the current increases.
  1. Price: Compared with incandescent lamps, the price of LED is relatively expensive. Usually, each group of signal lamps needs to consist of 300 to 500 diodes.

Use of LED

LED indicators: energy-saving lamps and household light boxes, billboards, decorative lights.

The navigator, taillights, and illumination lamps on the car are all LEDs.

The use of home appliances and instrumentation machinery. The LED display, the backlight behind the mobile phone/computer/television LCD screen is the LED.

Many mechanical instruments use LED light sources instead of incandescent and fluorescent lights.

LED luminous furniture

By the 1970s, the price of LEDs plummeted due to the large number of applications of LED devices in home and office equipment.

With the rapid growth of the world economy and the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, people’s environmental requirements for living, working and leisure are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the characteristics of people’s pursuit of fashion, quality, and personality, LED began to be in rotomolding furniture, which is the birth of rotomolding series of luminous furniture.

Rotational mold

LED lighting furniture uses the rotational molding process to first add plastic raw materials into the mold. Then the mold is continuously rotated and heated along two vertical axes. The plastic raw materials in the mold are gradually coated and melted under the action of gravity and heat. Adhered to the entire surface of the cavity, gradually formed into the shape we need, and then completed by cooling. After the semi-finished product is processed by the rotomolding process, the special colorful LED led wick is installed to achieve the effect of colorful luminescence conversion, thereby becoming LED illuminating furniture.

In Colorfuldeco, LED furniture Illuminated by RGBW 5050 LED light, 16 kinds color can be changed via remote controller. You not only have various color options to choose from ,but also you can select from strobe, fade, smooth or fade options. The LED light part powered by rechargeable lithium battery, they are energy-effective.You can also control by App on mobile.


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Lisa Liu
Lisa Liu

Hello, I'm Lisa, the author of this article and the general manager of Colorfuldeco. I have been engaged in LED furniture foreign trade sales for more than 15 years, and I am very familiar with LED furniture products and the market. I like to share my knowledge of LED furniture to our company's website, hope this article can help you.

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